By vasteeco_editor on August 4, 2017
Target  campaign for the packaging board recycling was carried out by the Cleanance and Recycling Department  of the Chalkis Municipality, in cooperation with the city’s  Shopping Association. In particular, a […]
By vasteeco_editor on July 10, 2017
New shredder for wood-waste The company  recently purchased a special shredder for the production of high quality shredded wood, suitable for pellet production, production of new products in wood industry […]
By vasteeco_editor on May 11, 2017
Small, flexible, light and, to a greater or lesser extent, affordable new zero-emission or reduced-emission electric vehicles will soon be seen in the urban centers. Two figures are making this […]
By vasteeco_editor on May 11, 2017
Powered by the action of their own legs, courier bikers offer a “green” solution for courier services and at the same time send a message to all the young bikers […]